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How to Manage Users?

Unless you’re on a custom business plan, you may use the following URL to enter the control panel.

Web Control Panel Login URL:

Managing users

Visit the login URL and fill in your credentials.

Vesta CP Control Panel Login

Click on MAIL as shown below

Select The MAIL Section

Now Click on the + icon to add users.

How to Add Mail Use on Vesta CP

You could also manage the users by hovering the mouse next to yourdomain.tld. As you can see, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, and DKIM features are enabled by default.

How to Manage Users on Vesta CP

When you’re adding a new user/editing the user details, you can see the credentials and other mail settings in the right section. You should save these details somewhere safe in case you want to use a 3rd party email clients like Gmail or macOS Mail in the future.

VestaCP Control Panel Features for Mail

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You’ll receive the login credentials from us or our partner sites after onboarding. We use the Vesta CP web panel to manage the websites and mail servers. According to the business plan you chose, you’ll get access to certain sections of the control panel.

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