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How to Access the Mailbox?

Unless otherwise specified, all client emails are hosted on’ secure servers. Each client will receive a unique login URL to access their webmail (mailbox).

Webmail Universal URL:
Dedicated URL: https://mailbox.yourdomain.tld/webmail/

How to Access The Mailbox?

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We use the Roundcube IMAP email client by default. You may visit this page to read more about its features. Apart from the server-side firewall, we provide an additional client-side filter plugin to make things easier for the users. We currently provide 5 UI skins for Roundcube. Getting around Roubcube is fairly simple. But you always have the option to use Gmail or any other email clients of your choice.

We use SpamAssasin antispam solution and ClamAV antivirus engine to protect our users from malicious attacks. However, we can’t guarantee 100% security because we aren’t responsible for cases such as email spoofing, phishing, etc. Ignore marketing & transactional emails if you haven’t signed up for that. Do not click on suspicious links. Follow the best practices for web and email security.

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