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How to Access the Emails via macOS or iOS?

Open System Preferences and look for Internet Accounts.

macOS Internet Account

Click on the + icon, select Add Other Account, and select the Mail account

Add Other Account, macOS

Now fill in the email login credentials and click Sign In. Ignore the verification error you see afterward.

macOS Mail Account Sign In

Fill in the Incoming/Outgoing server, username, and password as shown in the screenshot. And click Sign In. Even though is the default mail server, you can use mail.yourdomain.tld as the Incoming/Outgoing server if the DNS is managed by our team.

macOS Mail Login

Optional: you may decide whether you need to sync notes with the new account or not.

Select the Apps

Now verify the mail server settings through the Mail app. Open Mail -> Preferences -> Server Settings and verify the details. Ideally, it should look like this.

Verify Server Settings

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The server settings for IMAP and SMTP are as follows. These settings are universal and it’s applicable to any email client you plan to use.

IMAP hostname:
IMAP port:
IMAP security:
IMAP auth method:
Normal password
SMTP hostname:
SMTP port:
SMTP security:
SMTP auth method:
Normal password

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